Usagi Akahoshi

Writer | Artist | Gamer

**Pronouns: **She/Her
**Birthday: **December 2
Nationality: Filipino (🇵🇭)
ENG/FIL, Panromantic Demisexual, INFJ-T


College student. I write fanfics, make occasional fanart, watch BL/anime, and play different visual novels and otome games.Feel free to message me if you want to interact and talk about random stuff!!


• Obey Me!• Jujutsu Kaisen
• Honeyworks• Moriarty The Patriot
• A3!• Bungou Stray Dogs
• Ayakashi Romance Reborn• Sk8 Infinity
• Twisted Wonderland• Akatsuki No Yona
• Tears Of Themis• HameFura
• Ikemen Series• Frieren
• Hypnosis Mic 
• Love 365OTHERS
• Kimi Ga Shine• Manga
• Mystic Messenger• Visual Novels
• AfterL!fe• NDS Pokemon
• Ace Attorney• RPG Horror Games
• NekoPara Catboys Paradise• Eroges
• Liar! Uncover The Truth• Nijisanji EN
• What in Hell is Bad 
• NU Carnival